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Trio Dental Center’s Path to Increased Revenue

Trio Dental Center was a prospering dental clinic looking to expand their client reach and increase their profits. Discover what we did to boost their success through digital marketing.

Recognition as a leader in three countries
Increase in patient numbers and revenue
More leads and better conversion rates
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“Growizz became our #1 trusted partner, working hard to maximize our marketing results and accelerate our clinic’s success.”

Trio Dental

Trio Dental Center is a leading dental clinic located in the heart of Tirana, Albania. With +15 years of experience in dental care, they have become a prominent provider for a variety of dental treatments. With +10 dental specialists on board, they deliver a professional expertise in implantology, dental prosthetics and cosmetic dentistry.

The Challenge

Having made a substantial investment in their clinic, Trio Dental Center was determined to maintain their growth momentum and expand their reach to a wider patient base, particularly in Italy, France and England. To achieve this goal, we developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that aimed to generate leads beyond national borders and increase patient volume. Our strategy included:

Developing a new SEO & speed optimized website
Creating Google Ads campaigns for each country
Utilizing targeted social media campaigns

In order to establish a prominent online presence for Trio Dental Center, we promoted the clinic in high-authority websites using:

SEO optimized content with backlinks
Press releases on popular foreign blogs

We combined efficient web development, paid advertising and consistent SEO content creation to generate more leads in record time. Meanwhile we devised a concise plan to maintain a gradual growth and achieve long-term results.

Business Impact

After launching our marketing campaigns, the clinic quickly started receiving leads from different European countries. The website experienced an impressive monthly traffic growth of 86% within the first few months, accompanied by a significant 150% surge in response volume, including calls and online appointments.

Working with us, they’ve seen:

46% increase in qualified leads
9x growth in new patients

Within months they gained international exposure, showcasing their clinic as one of the best in Europe. In turn, their client base grew significantly with patients from all countries choosing Trio Dental Center as their go-to dental care provider.

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